2018 Mr. Mick Grenache

Clare Valley
Bottle size
750 mL
Drinking Window
2018 - 2023

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This popular style, new to our range continues the Mr. Mick philosophy of exploring new and innovative winemaking concepts. This attractive Grenache is an ‘easy drinking’ fruit forward wine that creates interest and satisfies many tastes.
Being a popular style world-wide, our Grenache is made to suit a broad array of cuisine and drinking environments, light in style with juicy red berry fruit, a hint of varietal Grenache spice and soft mellow natural tannin.

Winemaking Notes

Young, healthy Grenache vines planted on our rich-soiled Rogers vineyard produce intense fresh red berry fruit characters. Harvested when these flavours were at their peak, the fruit was fermented for a week on skins, was then gently pressed with the hard pressings separated from the wine to keep tannin low. This blend has not been aged in oak, focussing on maximum natural fruit expression.

Growing Conditions

Vintage 2018 in the Clare Valley saw lower than average rainfall throughout winter and spring, which led to limited subsoil moisture for the beginning of the growing season. Access to water and good irrigation management was critical, allowing canopies to remain healthy and strong. The long warm, sunny conditions of the ripening days and the cool nights has resulted in consistent yields and excellent quality.



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Campbell Mattinson
The Wine Front - Professional

Clare Valley grenache at a snip of a price.
The thing here is that it’s bright and juicy. Clare Valley grenache is often neither; it’s often dull and plodding. This wine offers a mouthful of jubey raspberries and anise but also a strike of dry, orange-flecked spice. It has tannin too, tense and dry. It’s light but it’s a good wine.