"Tim Adams has released three wines under the Mr.Mick label.

It is not a gimmick (pardon the pun) but a serious tribute to Mick Knappstein who made some great wines in the Clare Valley at Leasingham for some 50 years and introduced Tim Adams to the art of winemaking. All are bargain priced at $15 a bottle and the trio comprises a tempranillo, a shiraz and a rosé.

Tempranillo was not a varietal in the Clare in Mick Knappstein's day but is the sort of thing that Tim Adams reckons Mr.Mick would have loved working with, firstly because it is so suited to the area and secondly, because it produces a full bodied easy drinking red wine.

It is crafted in the Mick Knappstein style with subtle oak, and hints of strawberries, spiced and a long lingering dry finish. The wine was fermented in French oak for two years before bottling this year. It is a blend of tempranillo and pinot gris.

The shiraz on the other hand was a grape with which Knappstein had a great deal of experience and in his day he made some of Australia's finest in the opulent style of the Mr Mick 2010 Shiraz. This wine has lifted violet and blueberry fruit with hints of oak from 18 months in barrels and it is a blend from three vineyards in the Clare. Both shiraz and the tempranillo are given ten years drinking life by their maker.

The rosé on the other hand is not given a long life and is probably at its best now. Lots of raspberry and strawberry with hints of lychees and white peach and best of all it has a lingering dry finish and is a great wine on its own or with food ( Asian ). It is a young wine and frankly one of the best rosés we have seen this year."

Michael Southern
Pittwater Life
Sydney, December 2012